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Simple Change Getter 2 2014 Version

Studio Half Eye has been slowly returning to the world of transformable Getter Robo figures and has recently unveiled a new version of their Simple Change Getter 2! The three Gett Machines can combine into the speedy land battle mode of Getter Robo while still keeping a consistent look with the components of the Simple Change Getter 3 2014 version. As a result, the Gett Machines still have things like false treads and segmented arms even if the combined Getter 2 does not use them. They also feature tiny opening cockpits and the completed Getter 2 uses a stand to remain upright. This is a resin kit that is being offered as a build it yourself model for 20,000 yen or as a complete painted figure for 24,000 yen. Both releases are coming April 2015.



















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Posted 31 December, 2014 - 07:49 by VF5SS