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Predanaut Commantis Release!

 Predanaut Commantis Release!

Save the date: Jan 31st 9:00pm East Coast

For centuries, Commantis has gorged on the blood of his enemies, absorbing their DNA and using it to augment his twisted mentality. Beware his cunning and cruelty as he leads the Predanauts on an inexorable march across the cosmos!

Mecha Zone is proud to announce the new Predanaut Commantis 3D printed enemy action figure. Swivel joints in the biceps and wrists make Commantis the most articulated Mecha Zone figure so far. Iridescent paint adds realism to the insect-like carapace of this vile creature. Pre-orders start January 31st and orders will start shipping by February 28th. Order fast, because this release is limited to 25 figures!

As a special bonus, 5 of the 25 figures will be available in deluxe plastic packaging which will include a backer card illustrated by Erwin Papa and colored by Josh (Dyemooch) Perez. Prints of the artwork are also for sale separately.

Product details

- $75.00 plus shipping (basic figure)
- Limited to 25 figures - One per customer
- 7" tall (18cm)
- Iridescent purple/blue paint
- 19 points of articulation (new bicep and wrist swivel)
- 5mm ports on the arms and legs
- Includes a foot peg action stand for posing
- Includes bag with header card
- A Mechanauts catalog will be included with each order
- 3D printed designer toy intended for adults

Mecha Zone store

Want to know more about the Mechanauts and evil Predanauts?
Visit the Mechanauts Universe Facebook page for photos and information.

Original Art for Sale

Check out Chicago based Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery the evening of Friday, February 5 (7-10pm) for a special book release and group exhibit for Robot Envy: Zenith. My 9x12 original marker drawing, "Brawler", will be for sale at the event along with some Mecha Zone 1 books.

Check out my custom phone cases at
Making a 3D Printed Toy

Check out my recent article which showcases how I made the Brawler mecha action figure. It includes many photographs of the development and production process.

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Posted 23 January, 2016 - 13:38 by VF5SS
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