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Metal Boy - Gokin MBG-01B Getter Dragon (Black Ver.)

Metal Boy - Gokin MBG-01B Getter Dragon (Black Ver.) by Metal Box. Due stateside in January 2013 for $109.99

Metal Boy's Anniversary vol.1 "Getter Dragon" is reborn as a Black ver! Enjoy the new version of Metal Box with upgraded play value such as fully articulated joints, more optional parts, LED eye gimmick, the benefits available for Gokin toys. As a bonus accessory, "Getter Laser Cannon" is included! Simple color scheme, but classy and high end appearance is well captured! For Gokin Toys, especially for Super Robot Series by Dynamic Production, you must have its Black ver. Based on the metallic black tone, a simple gold and silver color scheme is added, completing a high end and elegant look of its new Getter Dragon!. A new accessory "Getter Laser Cannon" is included as an exclusive optional accessory for this Getter Black ver. As its SD body is from the same Integrated MB Boy line, the fitting of the new laser cannon is perfectly coordinated without losing its balance and proportion! Needless to say, as the original Getter Robo, LED Lighting Gimmick Installed! Clear parts used for the eyes, head and mouth. The eyes light up and each joint is fully articulated! Besides its new Getter Laser Cannon, Double Tomahawks( 2 x)/ Mach Wing /Optional Hands( 3 x each side)/ Display Stand are included! *LR41(AG 3)battery x 3 required. Sold separately. *The images shown may vary slightly from the actual product.

Posted 4 December, 2012 - 16:15 by Atom