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MegaHouse Mospeada Ride Armor VIDEO preview


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Great find. The smallness

Great find. The smallness of the bike does seem to be less apparent when you view it from other angles.

I love the sound effects when the objects are positioned. This should be the new standard for video reviews on the site.

I'll post a review and comparison with the CM's if nobody beats me to it.

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Posted by duke togo on 25 January, 2008 - 12:36

Hello people of collectiondx, first time for me writing a comment, cool page BTW.
Is kinda weird that after all this years (more than 20) we fans and collectors of MACROS/ROBOTECH have been waiting for a new release of MOSPEADA toys, especially the cyclones, and now all of a sudden three companies have decided to make cyclones (TOYNAMI - MEGA HOUSE - CM'S CORP), why is that? could it be that GAKKEN rights for the mold of the cyclone expire last year?
Would be nice to have a comparision review of all three, I kinda like the MEGA HOUSE version better, the CM'S colors are a little off, and the toynami is a little bulky. The only version missing is the Revoltech by KAIYODO. That would be sweet...

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Posted by leonydas on 26 January, 2008 - 16:59
Welcome...and ya forgot one!

There are actually four Mospeada/Cyclones coming out, right? Toynami/Aoshima, Megahouse, CM's Corp, and Beagle...last time I checked!

I could certainly go for a Revoltech...all these high-end offerings have my head spinning. And none of them are out yet! ;)


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Posted by Sanjeev on 26 January, 2008 - 23:28

Didn´t now it was a fourth one out there... By beagle you say, CYCLONES extravaganza... nice!
We collectors have to do a beauty pageant to decide which one to buy.

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Posted by leonydas on 28 January, 2008 - 17:32

This looks really unfun to transform to me. It's all pulling off tiny parts and sticking them back on in another place.

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Posted by Destroy All Pod... on 27 January, 2008 - 04:05
Bag of parts?

Does anybody know what that bag of parts is for in the picture toward the bottom of the web page featuring the video? It looks like green plastic parts on a sprue.

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Posted by Torbinbequette on 27 January, 2008 - 13:45