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Hasegawa 1/72 Scale VF-25G Messiah Valkyrie from Macross Frontier

Mikhail (or Michel to his friends) comes riding into the danger zone with the Super Dimension Cinderella in tow with this upcoming Hasegawa model kit of his blue VF-25G Messiah Valkyrie! The kit represents his stylish machine in fighter mode only but comes equipped with Mikhail's preferred sniper gun pod, a four Fold Speakers, and an in-scale Ranka Lee figure for the back seat. Coming March 2014 for 3,200 yen.







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Posted 13 February, 2014 - 07:29 by VF5SS


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Yak Hasagawa

Between Leo's reviews and Hasagawa's preview builds I'm very impressed with these models...

After seeing all of their Valkyries done in fighter mode, I wonder what it would take for them to make Battroid models? I know Bandai has this covered, but I'd like to see a second opinion in plastic.

Rob's picture
Posted by Rob on 13 February, 2014 - 11:22
If they do make a Battroid

If they do make a Battroid VF-25 I hope they do it soon but in practice they've been staying about from Battroids and concentrating on the just the fighter mode. Since 2001 Hasegawa has only made the VF-1 and VF-0 in Battroid modes.

But I agree would love to see these as Battroid kits as well!

PS I need to email you back! Will do shortly!


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Posted by Showapop on 13 February, 2014 - 11:41