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NYTF09: Hasbro - Transformers: Animated


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Jetfire/Jetstorm pix not working?

I can't seem to see them.

RobotBastard's picture
Posted by RobotBastard on 18 February, 2009 - 19:03

Safeguard looks pretty awesome, but they really should have called him Firestorm.

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Posted by ZA on 18 February, 2009 - 21:27
Or JetJet. :D

Or JetJet. :D

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Posted by Tardbot5000 on 20 April, 2009 - 23:19
already in toy stores

jetfire and jetstorm is already on the shelf in toys stores in philipines before that toy fair at new york.

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Posted by dragonoid_660 on 6 June, 2009 - 23:57