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Toy Dojo New In-Stock items 02-22-2015

Bandai Japan:

S.H. Figuarts Batman INJUSTICE figures are IN-STOCK! Check out these amazingly detailed figures from Bandai!


Transformer Items::

Takara Tomy Super Deformed Q Transformers:

Takara Tomy's lastest Masterpiece,  MP-22 Ultra Magnus is now available and shipping!


Third Party Robots:

FansProject Function X-V M.A.D.L.A.W. (sixchanger Not Quickswitch) IN-STOCK!

DX9 Invisible Phantom edition:

DX9 Invisible is back IN-STOCK:

FansToys FT-05 Soar in Red or Blue!

ShuraKing SRK-01 Thunderous is IN-STOCK:

Before & After Engineer:



New Pre-Orders:


Third Party Robots:

FansProject Lost EXO Realm Volar & Velos (Swoop)

FansToys FT-12 Grenadier (not Bombshell)

Unique Toys' third figure for Ordin, Fenrir!

FansToys FT-11 Spotter (not Reflector):

FansToys FT-09 Tesla (not Perceptor):


Bandai Japan:

S.H. Figuarts DragonBall Z Son Gohan limited reissue!


New Star Wars S.H. Figuarts!  

Darth Vader:

Storm Trooper:


Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron S.H. Figuarts 

Iron Man:


Masterpiece Transformers Pre-Orders:

MP-10 Optimus Prime Reissue:

MP-21G G2 Colored Bumblebee:

MP-24 Star Saber:

MP-25 Autobot Tracks:


Remember FREE domestic shipping for orders over $150 and no hassle pre-orders! 

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Posted 22 February, 2015 - 19:28 by VF5SS