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TANDEM TWIN Animal Girls: Dog Annerose

Torrance, CA, March 19, 2008From the weird and wonderful world of TANDEM TWIN, Yamato presents master sculptor Kouichi Yamazaki (TANDEM TWIN)'s latest incarnation: DOG ANNEROSE. Inspired by the German Shepard, this canine cutie is on patrol for all you naughty boys. So be on your best behavior... or face the business end of her riding crop. Standing over 11.5", Annerose is a fierce sight in form fitting body armor accented in spikes, with alternate visor for a touch of cool.  Window boxed with display, Dog Annerose is a must have addition to Yamato's TANDEM TWIN ANIMAL GIRLS collection.  For mature collectors only.

Yamato USA is further pleased to make this piece available for direct preorders through its online shop at for the special price of $60 (regularly $72) through April 2008.  Quantities are limited to 300 pieces and will ship May 2008.  For more information on this and other specials, please visit us at


Yamato USA is the wholly owned subsidiary of Yamato Co., Ltd with headquarters in the otaku capital of the world, the Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan.  For over six years, Yamato USA has proudly served otaku on this side of the world with a wide offering of miniature collectible figures, PVC and die-cast action figures, as well as poly-resin and PVC statues inspired by the hottest titles in Japanese anime, manga, and video game properties.  Yamato’s original lines of product include Story! Image! Figure! collectible miniatures and trading figures and Story! Image! Figure! EX PVC statues, as well as its newest lines, Creators’ Labo  and Japanese Sculptor Original Character Series, highlighting the talents of the leading artists and sculptors working in Japan; The GN-U, a tribute to transforming super robots; and the explosive Project Dynamite.  Nor to be overlooked are Yamato’s Scopedog, Garland, and Motoslave engineering marvels from Armored Trooper Votoms,  Megazone 23, and Bubblegum Crisis, some of the most impressive collectibles you will ever own!

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Posted 23 March, 2008 - 10:56 by JoshB