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Modeling Support Goods Mechanical Chain Bases 004-006

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!

Mechanical Chain Bases offer mecha modelers and action figure collectors the perfect hangar bases for displaying your robots. The Chain Bases come molded in dark gray, and each has individual accessories. Each base is be easily assembled within minutes and will measure 6” long x 6” wide x 6 1/3” tall upon completion.

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Each base can be attached in four directions (right, left, top bottom), plus a vertical wall from another set can be mounted onto the top to extend the wall. The bases are perfect for displaying miniature, 1/144 scale, and even 1/100 scale mecha kits and figures! Not just for Koto kits such as Armored Core or Super Robot Taisen, but these bases will work for almost any figure or kit, from Gundam to Evangelion!

Base 004 includes one tractor, one container rack, one weapons dolly, three medium-sized containers, and two small-sized shuttles.

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Base 005 includes one lift truck, three large-sized containers, and two medium-sized shuttles.

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Base 006 includes one spotlight, one replacement spotlight, three small-sized containers, and two large-sized shuttles.

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srp $13.50 each

Available in JUNE

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Posted 7 March, 2008 - 10:54 by JoshB