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NYTF2017: Lego


A lot of was shown at the Lego event and there's almost 300 pictures in the gallery, so please check the gallery for all the images.

The big reveal was the Silent Mary from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. At 199.99, this set will only be available from Lego directly and is an interesting departure from traditional pirate ship sets.



Series 16 of the collectible minifigures was teased but no actual minifigures were on hand


As always, the new creator sets are fantastic and I really wish I had the room to buy them all.




For the Disney line, Moana sets were shown along with a few others.






Along with the City sets, it seems like a new dinosaur based adventure theme is also coming out that feels like a more modern Johnny Thunder.







A lot of new Ninjago was shown, though sets from the upcoming Ninjago movie were not allowed to be photographed. One set in particular reminded me of a Warhammer 40k Imperial Flyer in the shape of a Manta piloted by a left shark.





A bunch of upcoming Lego Batman sets were also shown off, including this awesome 3 in 1 Batmobile thing.






My personal favorite, the Star Wars line introduced a ton of great sets I'm really looking forward to, including a smaller TX-130 that I can now army build easily. More Rogue One and Force Awakens sets were also shown to fill in a lot of the gaps that were missing in the lineup.










At some point, Technic went from the 'grown up' line to just big expensive sets. They still look good, but it's the one Lego line I don't really collect.





More sets for the second Nexo Knights series were also shown, including a new fortress.








A bunch of new DC and Marvel sets were shown, including tie in sets for GOTG and Spiderman.








I don't get Minecraft, but kids love it so plenty of new sets.





While marketed as a girls line, I really love all the Friends set designs.







There are a TON of photos I didn't include, so please check out the full gallery with almost 300 images.



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Posted 8 March, 2017 - 01:13 by siningy