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W.H.A.M. Fighter-1 and Fighter-2 from Crusher Joe

Wave is added two new entries in their Wave High Advance Model (W.H.A.M.) line with Fighter-1 and Fighter-2 from Crusher Joe! These space jets are used by the Crusher Joe team and are launched from their Minerva spaceship. If their design seems familiar, it's because they were designed by a young Shoji Kawamori! The W.H.A.M. toys are 1/100 scale completed models that feature moving wingtips, a opening canopy, opening missile launchers, working air breaks, and optional landing gear. Made of ABS and PVC plastic, they measure 19 centimeters in length. Both the red and blue version is being produced. Coming August 2014 for 12,000 yen.












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Posted 16 April, 2014 - 06:58 by VF5SS