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BMOG Toyline Roars to Retail! Pre-Orders Now Open!

BMOG is a unique building toy system where wild robotic animal characters split apart into independent accessories for a diverse range of action figures. The project roared to life with the help of over 360 backers on Kickstarter, who helped the team at Octavirate Toys meet - and exceed! - its funding goal in December of 2013.



Now, with injection mold tooling fully tested and sticker sheets finalized, Octavirate Toys is proud to announce that the BMOG line is launching with TWO retail colorways! For the first time anywhere, the all-black Heroic Augmentoid URSENAL Vs. Evil Paraxxoid MANT-AXE set is joined by the "Toxic Spill Green" Paraxxoid team of BEARIUM and GAMMA-RAY!


The first factory order goes into production in early May. We currently expect product in-hand by June, and the retail editions to ship in the third quarter of 2014. Pre-orders are hugely important for determining the sizes of our future production runs, and any coverage of the items going up for pre-sale is greatly appreciated. We want everyone who wants a BMOG to be able to get one - so if you or your readers didn’t have the opportunity to back BMOG on Kickstarter, now is the chance to secure a core black URSENAL/MANT-AXE set or the all-new BEARIUM/GAMMA-RAY set through some of the internet's most prominent toy retailers. Order both to equip a small army of action figures, or use the FUSION FACTOR system to unite the individual BMOG components into dozens of striking combinations! 



Learn more about BMOG: Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts at

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Posted 18 April, 2014 - 08:55 by VF5SS