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Join the LEGO® Hero Factory Recon Team and create the coolest heroes

Join the LEGO® Hero Factory Recon Team

and create the coolest heroes



BILLUND, Denmark – Help LEGO® Hero Factory defeat the galaxy’s worst villains and monsters by designing and building your own Hero to join a new secret unit, Hero Recon Team. 


You can build a Hero with the LEGO online creator at choosing between a wide range of armour, weapons and facemasks from the LEGO Hero Factory range. Once you are happy with the result you can give it a cool name and use it in an online game, LEGO Comic Builder, or upload it to a gallery to show your friends.


But what makes Hero Recon Team really special is that you can buy the Hero you design and join the team as a Hero Recon Agent. Buying your Hero means you can give it Hero stats and skills, and get the exclusive Hero Recon Agents silver and black chest plate. Your Hero will be delivered in a cool box you design and containing a customized building guide, a Hero Recon Agent sticker and a special unlock code for the online game.


More advanced builders can use the LEGO Digital Designer to build a Hero and combine it with thousands of other LEGO elements.


If you live close to a LEGO store, you can build your Hero there using exclusive Hero Recon elements in the Pick-a-brick section of the store. You can also pick up a unique post card with a secret code for the online game. For a full list of stores check out


What is Hero Recon Team?

Hero Recon Team members search battlegrounds and the wreckage left by villains and monsters hoping to uncover clues. They report to Hero Factory designers, mission managers and hero team leaders, who can use the intelligence to improve all aspects of Hero Factory.


Hero Factory’s founder Mr. Makuro has assigned one of the Factory’s top heroes, Merrick Fortis, to help form and lead this new intelligence division. Because intelligence, observation and curiosity are characteristics prized above all else in Hero Recon Team, the department has adopted the slogan “Knowledge Is Strength”.

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Posted 19 April, 2011 - 14:25 by Atom