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More Super Festival goods from M1

In addition to the previously announced Ultra Seven busts, M1 will also have some new kaiju for sale at this weekend's Super Festival. And when I say new kaiju, I mean new colors of old kaiju. But it's still good news.

The first new item is a repaint of their Guilala figure. The new colorway is more movie accurate. 28cm tall, ¥6,000 and limited to 50 pieces.

Next, Gorgo is back with not one but two new colors... both glowies! The first is the same blue version that debuted at the Chiller Theater convention over last weekend, but the other is a new, green version, which I think looks nicer. Both versions are ¥7,000 and limited to only 25 pieces each.

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Posted 20 April, 2009 - 14:52 by NekroDave