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Mecha Zone Brawler Mecha Release

 Brawler Mecha Release!

Save the date: April 14th 9:00pm East Coast (date corrected)

Orders open Thursday, April 14th at 9:00pm East coast USA time. Limited to 15 units. Limit one per person. Orders will start shipping mid-May.

The Brawler started out as a reward for the Robot Envy Zenith Kickstarter, but quickly became very popular for it's real-type aesthetic and high level of posability. By popular demand I am releasing the figure in an unpainted edition, pictured below. Quantities are very limited because I need to focus my resources on the all-new Mechanaut Explorer action figure.
I plan to release another version of Brawler that ties directly into the Mechanauts storyline. It will have a different head and armor with 5mm ports. This new version will premiere later this year and after the Explorer release.

- 6 5/8" tall (17cm)
- 25 points of articulation and rolling wheels
- Includes bag with header card
- 3D printed designer toy intended for adults
- A Mechanauts catalog will be included

*Please note that the figure is fully assembled and the armor will be permanently attached. I'm sorry if this is a problem for anyone who wants to paint the figure, but leaving the armor unattached and other parts partially assembled makes the finishing process too difficult and time consuming.

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Want to know more about the Mechanauts and evil Predanauts?
Visit the Mechanauts Universe Facebook page for photos and information.

About the Predanaut

Every hero needs a nemesis and now the mighty Mechanauts have a foe worthy of their fear and respect, the loathsome Predanauts!

  • - Limited run of 16 in red and black
  • - 6" tall (15cm)
  • - 15 points of articulation
  • - 5mm ports on the arms and legs
  • - Accessories: a foot peg action stand for posing
  • - Includes bag with header card
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About the Mechanaut

Are you ready for the fun and excitement of a more articulated Mechanaut? The first V2 release is the soldier type.
- Limited run of 16 in green and black
- 6" tall (15cm)
- 14 points of articulation
- 5mm ports on the arms and legs
- Accessories: a shoulder pauldron, sword, hip sheath, and foot peg action stand
- Includes bag with header card

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Posted 5 April, 2016 - 09:24 by VF5SS
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