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S.R.D-S Daizenger from Super Robot Wars: Original Generation

The sword that cleaves evil is back with a new model kit by Kotobukiya! In proper SRW fashion, this is an SD version of the powerful Super Robot. The Daizenger (or Dygenguar) is equipped with its massive Zankantou depicted in two forms. It also comes with two faces (neutral and yelling) and multiple hands. This is a color molded, snapfit model kit that may require painting to complete. Those who order from the Kotobukiya Online shop will get metallic swords and alternate shoulders blaster parts. Stands 15 centimeters tall. The large Zankantou is 25 centimeters long. Coming September 2015 for 5,500 yen.
























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Posted 12 May, 2015 - 06:34 by VF5SS