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Armarauders - Full Gear Bellerophon (Cam's Custom)

Here is the latest batch of photos of the finalized prototype of the Cam Custom Bellerophon. Before we get to the specs of the toy here is the official update from the gang over at Mecha Workshop.

Price and release date will be announced with the actual product sample (colors, packaging and everything, which we are working on right now.

Also letting us know they are not forgetting cusomizers...

Working in conjunction with Encline Designs, there will also be a run of 300 pieces blank(non-colored) toys made specifically for customizers. These include DVDs that will teach you how to disassemble and repaint the whole toy.

Full Gear Bellerophon (Cam's Custom)

  • Mech Toy - 9 inches / 23cm (Head to toe).
  • Detachable armors and weapons with universal slots for future add-ons and customization.
  • Pegasus Drone add-on ready.
  • Has a functioning cockpit.


83 Points of articulation in total (Armor/Add-on Ball Joints included). 

  • Head - 3 Points (x1)
  • Chest - 1 Point (x1)
  • Cockpit - 1 Point (x1)
  • Waist - 3 Points (x2)
  • Back - 4 Points (x2)
  • Shoulder - 3 Points (x2)
  • Arm - 5 Points (x2)
  • Hand - 15 Points (x2)
  • Leg - 6 Points (x2)
  • Foot - 3 Points (x2)



  • Tri-Blades (x2)(Cam's Custom Exclusive Only not available with Blank Toys)
  • Medium Rifles (x2)(4 Ammo Clips)
  • Ammo Clip Holder (x2)
  • Short/Medium-Range Shoulder Missile-Pods (x2)
  • Medium-Range Mounted Shoulder Cannons (x2)


  • Heavy Duty Shoulder Shields (x2)
  • Elbow Shields (x2)
  • Leg Shields (x2)(With Compartments)
  • Knee Shields (x2)
  • Back Heavy-Thrusters (x2)
  • Anti-Gravity Movement Thrusters (x2)
  • Waist Medium-Thrusters (x2)

Docking Base Gimmicks

A) Platforms swivel and are detachable/customizable for future add-ons.

B) The Platform Pillars are detachable/customizable for future add-ons.

C) The Platform Pillars are symmetrical so you can swap them around.

D) Switches to raise and lower the Platforms. The height can be adjusted by 9mm(x5 clicks) and can be extended up to 45mm, reaching the Cockpit's height.

E) Height of the Docking Arm holding the Bellerophon can be adjusted.

F) The Platform's Center Panel can be extended or retracted.

G) The Docking Arm itself has an extension gimmick too.

H) Yellow Lines will be Black-and-Yellow-striped(Caution stripes).

  • Docking Base A can be used as a Flight Stand as well, all you need to do is to remove all the customizable parts.
  • Every disassembled part is customizable and replaceable.
  • Docking Bases A are interconnectable on each sides, along with a connection point to the Pegasus Drone's Mobile Stand at the back (Docking Base B).
  • Docking Base B can be combined with Docking Base A.
  • Docking Base B will come with the Pegasus Drone toy add-on.
  • Docking Base B has rubber tank tracks.

Bellerophon Basic Pilot - Cameron Knox

Pilot Toy - 2 Inches / 5 cm with 12 Points of Articulation.

P.A.C - Personal Artillery Component

Anti-Wastermech Cannons and Jetpack with 2 Points of Articulation.

D.A.R.C - Dual Assault Rifles Component

Anti-Infantry Rifles that combine to become Pilot's Backpack/Component.

  • D.A.R.C stackable on P.A.C. The D.A.R.C can be plugged into Pilot's back directly as well.
  • Pilot and all his Weapons can be stored inside the Mech's cockpit.

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I want this, both because it

I want this, both because it looks cool and to support Western Mecha... but it looks like it's gonna be PRICEY...

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Posted by Felixman on 2 May, 2013 - 20:21