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Robot Damashii Justice Gundam from Gundam SEED updated

Bandai is making Athrun's Justice Gundam to pair off with Kira's Freedom Gundam. This Robot Damashii figure is fully articulated and features a detachable Fatum-00 flight unit. It is also equipped with a beam rifle, shield, and beam sabers. Coming September 2015 for 6,000 yen. 

Bluefin Tamashii is bringing the Justice Gundam to the US. 

"Following the release of Freedom Gundam, comes ROBOT SPIRITS Justice Gundam! Just like in the anime, you can adjust the Fatum-00 unit to expand for use. A special design technique used just for this ROBOT SPIRITS Justice Gundam allows you to adjust the width of the Fatum-00 where you place Justice’s feet, creating even more posing possibilities! Set includes interchangeable hands (x3), beam rifle, shield, beam saber (x2), beam saber sheath, and back unit extension parts (left and right)." Coming October 2015 for $50.99. 













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Posted 2 May, 2015 - 07:57 by VF5SS