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Virtual On Force 1/100 Scale YZR・8000H MYZR Eta Model Kit Updated

Hasegawa is continuing with their Virtual On Force model kits with a new variant of the MYZR Virtuaroid, the YZR・8000H MYZR Eta. This version of the transforming MYZR swaps out its typical vulcan cannon for a hefty Power Launcher. Like all Hasegawa Virtaul On kits, it has some color molding and numerous clear parts but may require paint and glue to complete. It will be released in late June 2013 with an MSRP of 5,800 yen. 

Updated with new pics and details!







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Posted 29 May, 2013 - 06:30 by VF5SS


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They really need to simplify

They really need to simplify the paint scheme on these things; I can barely tell what anything is or where it goes or how it moves! The color selections are fine (...), but it's like looking at an intricate stained glass window. O_o

Oh, and Seravee Gundam's Twin GN Bazooka...

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 29 May, 2013 - 16:54
shield your eyes

"I can barely tell what anything is or where it goes or how it moves!"

I think maybe Virtuaroids just aren't for you. Don't look at the Temjin 747J, it might give you a heart attack.

"Seravee Gundam's Twin GN Bazooka..."

Uhhhh, Myzr Eta was designed for Virtual On: Force, in 2001. What you're actually seeing is Seravee designer Takayuki Yanase's fanboyish devotion to Virtual On designer Hajime Katoki's sense of aesthetics, I guess.

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Posted by recognizer on 29 May, 2013 - 17:27