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Botcon 2014 Transformers Reveals

There was a ton of Transformers news at Botcon 2014! Here's what Hasbro is offering up in their Generations line.




Leader Class Megatron 




Leader Class Armada Megatron




Voyager Class Optimus Prime






Voyager Class Brainstorm w/ Headmaster 




Deluxe Class Arcee




Deluxe Class Chromia




Legends Class Powerglide





Legends Class Thundercracker 




Legends Class Windcharger





Legends Class Bombshell 






Legends class Nemesis Prime with Spinister 






Legends Class Cliffjumper with Suppressor

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Posted 21 June, 2014 - 15:49 by VF5SS


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Brainstorm wins best in show.

Brainstorm wins best in show.

netkid's picture
Posted by netkid on 21 June, 2014 - 19:03
Yes, I agree. I'm most

Yes, I agree. I'm most excited for Brainstorm.

YUMpoison's picture
Posted by YUMpoison on 21 June, 2014 - 20:26
It's a weird time for

It's a weird time for transformers when you have 3, 3rd party Brainstorms and now one official AND it's a headmaster.

TattooedRobot's picture
Posted by TattooedRobot on 21 June, 2014 - 20:46
Wow, so much win on one page.

Wow, so much win on one page. Brainstorm's looking great, so is Arcee and Bombshell.

RobertG22's picture
Posted by RobertG22 on 21 June, 2014 - 23:28
Needs the Briefcase

I'm happy about Brainstorm! He is such a close match to Milne's MTMTE design, he just needs the briefcase!

The rest are looking good, but I think Hasbro finally decided to put the whole Truck V Munky debate to death with that Optimus by making it look like both!

Rob's picture
Posted by Rob on 22 June, 2014 - 10:36
Optimus looks funny because

Optimus looks funny because he is apparently only part of a much larger toy. Rumor and "nudge-nudge, hint-hint" from the designers is that his figure will feature multiple ways of use. What I mean by that is like how springer was retooled to become sandstorm, cab prime here will be retooled 3 times to function as the cab core for a power master optimus prime, the cab core for a classics ultra magnus, and the torso for a classics Menasor combiner. 1 figure, that will work for 3 different large combining bots. Quite a smart solution, even if it makes optimus here look more monkey than trukk.

netkid's picture
Posted by netkid on 22 June, 2014 - 16:29