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RIOBOT Blodia Riot from Cyberbots

In the Capcom fighting game Cyberbots there are four main bodies for the playable machines and each has three variations. So following up on the RIOBOT Blodia, Sentinel is making one of the variations of that machine with the Blodio Riot (or B. Riot). This Variant Armor uses the same torso as the standard Blodia but is now outfitted with a massive Rocket Arm and its legs have been replaced with an articulated thruster unit. Like the regular Blodia, the Blodia Riot will feature gimmicks such as articulated fingers and diecast parts. It also has character specific features for its Rocket Arm and thrusters. The Blodia Riot is about 14 cm tall. This is set for release in October 2013 for 15,800 yen.






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Posted 28 June, 2013 - 05:31 by VF5SS