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DX Chogokin Mazinger Z by Bandai. Due in December 2012 for $439.99.

The inner mechanics of Mazinger Z are replicated in fine detail. The front armor plates can be removed to expose everything from the inner workings of Mazinger Z’s face down to its fists and toes. Separate split armor plates are also included, letting you display it as a cutaway style model.

The chest includes both LED units and voice units. The voice unit plays instrumental versions of the “Mazinger Z” theme, “Our Mazinger Z” ending theme, and the “Z’s Theme” song. It also includes a sample of Koji Kabuto’s voice (provided by Hiroya Ishimaru) and sound effect samples for the docking sequence, the Photon Beams, the Rocket Punch, the Drill Missiles, the Breast Fire, and the Rust Hurricane. LED units are incorporated into the head and chest, letting the eyes and the chest illuminate, simulating Photon Beams and Breast Fire attacks. The lights and sounds are controlled with a wireless remote.

The Chogokin DX Mazinger Z comes as a set with a large-scale hangar-base that can house Mazinger Z inside. It isn’t just for storage. It acts as a display for the extra armor parts. The footlights feature working LEDs, replicating the dramatic appearance of Mazinger Z in its hangar.

1. Mazinger Z Figure 2. Hangar Base 3. Head Armor 4. Throat Armor 5. Shoulder Armor (Left/ Right)

6. Chest Armor 7. Bicep Armor (Left/Right) 8. Stomach Armor 9. Forearm Armo 10. Waist Aromorr

11. Thigh Armor (Left/Right) 12. Lower Leg Armor (Left/Right) 13. Foot Armor (Left/Right) 14. Hover Pilder

15. Breast Fire Plates 16. Breast Fire Plates (Translucent) 17. Head Armor (Cutaway)

18. Head Armor (Mechanical) 19. Throat Armor (Cutaway) 20. Throat Armor (Mechanical)

21. Chest Armor (Left/Right) 22. Bicep Armor for Drill Missile (Left/Right) 23. Stomach Armor (Left/Right)

24. Waist Armor (Left/Right) 25. Hand Armor (Left/Right) 26. Posable Hand (Left/Right)

27. Fist (Mechanical Left/Right) 28. Infrared Remote Control Unit 29. Crane Car

30. Crane(Rail Attached Type)

Forty years after the birth of Mazinger Z, fifteen years after the debut of the Soul of Chogokin, the DX Model represents the cutting edge of history. This large scale product towers nearly two times the size of previous Soul of Chogokin and Super Robot Chogokin toys, standing at roughly 300mm, and incorporating revolutionary new features for the Soul of Chogokin series including detailed mechanical inner workings, first time ever light-sound gimmick, and a full hangar facility for total storage.

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Posted 5 July, 2012 - 15:55 by Atom


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BANDAI: DX Chogokin Mazinger Z

I will definitely buy it!

I hope it will be followed by Great Mazinger and UFO Robot Grendizer for their 40th anniversary too!

Happy 40th anniversary Mazinger Z!!!!

grendizer1975's picture
Posted by grendizer1975 on 6 July, 2012 - 06:08
I'll wait to see if Bandai

Before I separate with my cash, I'll wait to see if Bandai has their quality control in order on this one. Maybe even then though - I might just wait for the inevitable repaint, maybe.

And does anybody know what the dimensions will be with the hanger-bay doors open?

north-exit's picture
Posted by north-exit on 7 July, 2012 - 20:32