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TFsource news for July 8th

July 8th, 2013 TFsource news!



1. Now up for preorder: Titan Class Metroplex!

He stands an impressive nearly 2' tall! TFSource does not have a guaranteed delivery date so keep this in mind when preordering. Preorder yours at TFSource here:

Transformers Generations 2013 Titan Class - Metroplex

2. Masterpiece Update! MP-12 Masterpiece Sideswipe Now Instock!

MP-12 Masterpiece Sideswipe Restock! Great news - we managed to find a reasonable price on some MP-12 Masterpiece Sideswipe restock! Although we had to pay more than original release cost, still well below the market price and we're passing along the savings! These will be instock later this week or Mondayso shipping soon! Preorder yours at TFSource here:

MP-12 - Masterpiece Sideswipe - Lambor

Now up for preorder: 3 new Masterpieces: Wheeljack, Bumblebee & G2Sideswipe! Preorder yours here at TFSource: 

MP-12G - Masterpiece G2 Sideswipe

MP-20 - Masterpiece Wheeljack

MP-21 - Masterpiece Bumblebee

Note: information is subject to change as these are preliminary listings. 

MP-13 Soundwave - 2nd Run Confirmed - Preorders UP! Great news that Takara Tomy has officially announced the 2nd run of MP-13 Soundwave! This is a confirmed run and with the drop in the yen price the 2nd run is even more affordable than the original! Additionally this is causing some 2ndary suppliers to sell their stock of the 1st run and TFsource hopes to have enough stock soon to fill the outstanding preorders on the first run, from the Takara shortage on our first shipment! Preorder yours at TFSource here:

MP-13 - Masterpiece Soundwave - 2nd Production Run

MP-19 Updated Photos! We now have updated photos of MP-19 Smokescreen. Additionally this figure is now delayed until a December release, so keep this in mind if you are preordering with Bluestreak and Prowl, and if you don't want a delay we recommend using our order stacking feature to manage your orders!preorder yours at TFSource here:

MP-19 - Masterpiece Smokescreen 

Now up for preorder - MP-17 Prowl and MP-18 Bluestreak! Preorder here:

Takara Tomy announced that MP-19 smokescreen will be significantly different in design from prowl & bluestreak. Our guess is this will push the release date back further, but no official announcement on this yet.

MP-17 - Masterpiece Prowl

MP-18 - Masterpiece Bluestreak

3. Fansproject Restock!

CA-11 Down Force is Now Instock! Preorders are being processed and shipped! Also Fansproject changed the numbering, as this was originally supposed to be CA-12, so we've updated to reflect this. Order yours here:

Fansproject - Causality CA-11 Down Force

Unfortunately CA-12 Last Chance won't be out for another month, so keep this in mind if you selected combined shipping. And don't forget about using order stacking to manage your preorders as they come in!

Fansproject - Causality CA-12 Last Chance

Back instock - CA-09 Car Crash and CA-10 T-Bone!

Final restock from Fansproject on these popular pieces! Order yours at TFsource here: 

Fansproject - Causality CA-10 T-Bone!

Fansproject - Causality CA-09 Car Crash!

Now instock - Crossfire Colossus Set! We're processing and shipping out orders now. Includes the free mini quake gun that just arrived! order yours here: 

Crossfire 02 - Colossus Set - Munitioner and Explorer - by Fansproject

Also back instock: Fansproject - Function X-1: Code! Order here:

Fansproject - Function X-1: Code

New Fansproject Function-X: Smart Robin and Quadruple-U preorders up!Set for an April, May and February release dates, each is $68.95, fully articulated, and features unexpected transformations! Preorder yours at TFsource here:

Fansproject - Function X-3: Smart Robin

Fansproject - Function X-2: Quadruple-U

4. TFsource Restock!

TFSource Restock - Masterpiece, Reissues, Generations and More!TFsource has just restocked more than 50 hot Transformers items from many series, and more restock is to come! Generations Grimlock, AM-16 Jet Vehicon, Commemorative Optimus, Soundwave, Astrotrain & More! All items are out of production and restocked through secondary sources, and prices reflect this. 

Masterpiece figures: - Your Source for Masterpiece Transformers!
Reissues/Commemorative: - Your source for Reissue Transformers!
Arms Micron: TFsource - Your Source for Japanese Transformers Prime Figures!
Generations: - Your Source for Transformers Generations Figures! 

GDO Legions, Deluxe and Scout Figures Restocked! We also received a restock on many GDO Scout, Deluxe and Legion Figures! These are the asia market versions, not the US. Our costs were better than before so prices are adjusted to reflect this. Additionally we only received a handful of each, so if you missed out before don't delay! Check them out here: 

GDO Legions, Deluxe and Scout Figures Restock!

5. iGear Mini Warriors - Cogz, Duneraker, Veer & Bushwacker instock!

The wait is over! iGear Mini Warriors are now instock! These figures just arrived in our warehouse, and we are starting to process and ship out preorders! Order yours at TFSource here: 

iGear - MW-06 & MW-07 Mini Warrior - Duneraker & Veer

iGear - MW-05 & MW-08 Mini Warrior - Cogz & Bushwacker

6. Botcon 2013 Figures Now Instock!

Our Botcon 2013 figures are now instock, order here!

TFsource - Your source for Botcon exclusives!

7. Now instock - Encore #23 Fortress Maximus - regular release!

The Long Wait is Over! The BIG Guy Fortress Maximus Now Instock! Standing around 2 feet tall and wielding his master sword, Fortress Maximus and the 25 year wait is now over! Order yours today at TFsource! 

Encore #23 Fortress Maximus - regular release! 

8. Transformers Generations Update! Senator Ratbat now instock! 

Now instock TG20 Senator Ratbat! Preorders are being processed, order yours here:

Transformers Generations Japan - TG20 Fall of Cybertron - Ratbat

Transformers Go! Product Delay. Takara has recalled all Jinbu jet pieces due to a hip swap issue. We heard it's a pretty minor thing, and our apologies for the delay in preorders, but we would prefer to ship our customers the non-defective toys and we'll have our stock in later this month. 

TFSource Sponsored reviewer Peaugh has also put up reviews of the latest Transformers Go figures, all of which you can watch on each product page. G-01 Kenzan (Police Car), Jinbu (Jet), and Ganou Samurai (Firetruck) are all up so enjoy the videos while takara makes the fixes!

New Preorders and Photos of Transformers GO! G08 Budora, G21 Judora, G09 Goradora and More! Preorder yours at TFSource here: - Your Source for Transformers Go! Figures! 

TFsource - Your Source for Transformers GO! Figures!

The long wait is over, Generations Springer & Blitzwing now instock!Order yours here:

Transformers Generations 2013 Voyager Class - Wave 03 - Springer & Blitzwing Set

Updated Transformers Generations Preorders Up! These include: TG-27 Trailcutter & Hoist, TG-29 Sandstorm, TG-28 Megatron & Starscream, and TG-26 Bumblebee Goldbug. No word yet as how these will differ from the US releases, as Takara is using the US pictures as well. Preorder here at TFsource:

TFsource - Your Source for Transformers Japanese Generations!

New Transformers Go! Preorders: Combiner full sets! It seems Takara is offering full sets of these new combiners! Additionally we have pictures of the new EG figures - including Beachcomber and Jetvehicon! Sadly Groove is being renamed to Darocycle... Preorder at TFSource here:

TFsource - Your Source for Transformers Go! Combiner Full Sets!

New Preorder up: Transformers Generations Japan - TG25 Fall of Cybertron - Orion Pax & Megatron Set! This features new colors compared to the US release and is sold in a giftset. Preorder yours today!

Transformers Generations Japan - TG25 Fall of Cybertron - Orion Pax & Megatron Set

Now instock, Japanese Generations Blaster and Skywarp! Both now instock, we are processing and shipping out preorders in the order received! Order yours at TFSource here:

Transformers Generations Japan - TG17 Fall of Cybertron - Blaster & Steeljaw

Transformers Generations Japan - TG18 Fall of Cybertron - Skywarp

9. Now instock: Super-GTR 2 - Saber and GTR-01 Optimus Prime! 

Order yours at TFSource here:

Transformers GT - Super GT - GTR-02 Saber

We just got in limited restock on the Transformers GTR Convoy/Optimus Prime! Order yours at TFSource here:

Transformers GT - Super GT - GTR-01 Optimus Prime

10. 3rd Party Customs Update!

Now Back Instock - ToyWorld Aurora and Hardbone! We have back instock the popular duo of ToyWorld's Aurora and Hardbone! Order yours at TFSource here: 

TFsource - Your source for Toy World Customs

Great news KFC fans - we've added a new section to the site to check out all the KFC custom figures here: - Your Source for KFC custom transforming toys!

Now Instock - CST-03 & CTS-04 KFC Boxbomber! Order here:

KFC - CST-03 & CTS-04 Boxbomber Set of B-Box & BirdBomber 

Now instock: KFC Shoulder & Missile add-ons for FOC Ultra Magnus & Optimus! Upgrade your figures here at TFSource: 

KFC - KP-01OP - Shoulder and Missile Kit for Optimus Prime

KFC - KP-01UM - Shoulder and Missile Kit for Ultra Magnus

KFC - Evil Energy Rhinohorn - Now Instock! Order yours here:

KFC - CST-01E - Evil Energy Rhinohorn

Now up for preorder: KFC Justice Ironpaw & Nightstalker! Each just $25.95 or with TFsource combo pricing get both for $47.95! Scheduled for a June release. Preorder your at TFsource here:

KFC - CST-02J - Justice Ironpaw

KFC - CST-02NS - Nightstalker - Evil Ironpaw

New Preorder up: DaCa-ToYs - Add-on 1 - G1 Jetfire - Skyfire Head hands and gun upgrade kit. This add-on kit has it all, a Skyfire head piece, articulated hands that fit many leader class figures as well as a new gun! Plus these pieces will fit on 1/55 Bandai and Takatoku vehicles! Made of high quality ABS plastic. Note: G1 Jetfire figure sold separately. Preorder yours here:

DaCa-ToYs - Add-on 1 - G1 Jetfire - Skyfire Head hands and gun upgrade kit

Now up for preorder: DW-T09 Tyrant Sword & Arcee Add on! Preorder yours at TFSource here: 

DR. Wu - DW-TP09 Tyrant Sword - Red Version - Purple Version - Green Version

DR. Wu - DW-TP07 Courageous - Arcee Add-on - Pink Version - Blue Version

Now instock - Dr. Wu Conehead Set! Upgrade your Henkei/Classic Seekers today! Order yours at TFSource here:

DR. Wu - DW-P14 - Rear Guard - Arm Cannon Set of 3

Now instock - DR. Wu Matrix! A very affordable die-cast piece, order yours at TFSource here:

DR. Wu - DW-P16 Origin matrix - Blue Version

DR. Wu - DW-P16 Origin matrix - Purple Version!

Dr. Wu Instock! Seeker Vanguard Sets & Dr. Evil! We will also be getting a restock of almost all DR. Wu out of stock items, so be sure to sign up for the personal assistant on any Dr. Wu items you are looking for! Restock coming mid-June! Order yours at TFSource here:

DR. Wu - DW-P12 Vanguard - Blaster Set of 2

DR. Wu - DW-P13 Dr of Evil

Now up for preorder: Mach 5 Piston & Piston! $49.95 each but get both for $95.95 with TFsource Combo Pricing! Preorder yours at TFSource here:

Mach 5 - M5-01 - Gauntlet

Mach 5 - M5-02 - Piston 

11. Now up for preorder - Make Toys Paladin/Chaos!

Don't forget to preorder the chaos figure, preorder stock is already quite low, preorder yours at TFsource here:

If we receive any additional stock after the first shipment, it will be via air freight which is much more costly, and the amount of available stock on this guy will be quite low, so we recommend preordering now!

Make Toys - Mobine Series - Chaos Paladin!

Now Instock from Make Toys - Yellow Giant!

Make Toys - Yellow Giant - Full Set of 6 Figures

12. The TFsource Spring Cleaning Sale Continues!

TFSource Spring Cleaning Sale Featured Items: Impossible Toys! We have many of the popular quint figures, the Spike & Sparkplug, Night-bird and many more! Almost 200 items in total, including the TF Prime RID Clearance - all at the TFSource Spring Cleaning Sale! Order at TFSource here:

TFsource Spring Cleaning Sale!

13. Mastermind Creations Update!

MMC has stated that the Hexatron will be released in late June/July due to improving the QC on this piece, so for now watch Ben & TJ's reviews and summer will be here soon! Preorders up here at TFsource: 

Reformatted 01 - Terminus Hexatron

KM-03 Knight Morpher Cyclops Now Instock! We have limited stock of this long out of stock figure left, order yours at TFSource here:

KM-03 Knight Morpher Cyclops - with Bonus Mini Sub

Also available for preorder from Mastermind Creations Customs:

Reformatted - R-03 - Bovis the Supply Specialist

Reformatted - R-02 - Talon the Aerial Assaulter

14. TFC Toys Uranos Update!

TFC Toys - Falcon & Harrier Delayed! Unfortunate news that TFC's final 2 Uranos figures are now delayed to May/June. We're still excited to see the final full color version of Uranos, but disappointed that we'll have to wait! Preorder yours at TFsource here: 

TFC Toys - Project Uranos - F-16 Falcon

TFC Toys - Project Uranos - AV-88 Harrier II 

Now Instock - TFC Toys Blackbird! TFC says there will be no more stock released, and it's doubtful there will be another run, making Uranos much less common than Hercules! The same is true of F-15 Eagle, F-4 Phantom and the two remaining jets! Order yours at TFsource here:

SR-71 Blackbird - including X-45 Phantom Ray

15. Now Instock - Unique Toys - UT-W02 War Rhino! 

Now instock - Unique Toys War Rhino! The second war lord piece includes his foot plate, weaponry and the War Rhino himself! Order yours at TFsource here:

Unique Toys - War Lord - UT-W02 War Rhino!

Unique Toys - War Panther Preorder Up! War Panther is now up for preorder at TFsource here:

Unique Toys - War Lord - UT-W04 War Panther

Also up for Preorder: Unique Toys War Bison! Preorder at TFsource here: 

Unique Toys - War Lord - UT-W03 War Bison!

Now Instock - Unique Toys War Hawk! Order yours at TFsource here:

Unique Toys - War Lord - UT-W01 War Hawk!

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