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Project: Vulkira Shogun Warriors Style Toy Kickstarter

Designer vinyl toy based on Japanese toys of yore.

If you grew up with or are just a fan/collector of Shogun Warriors and Jumbo Machinders, this is the designer vinyl toy for you. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS VERY LIMITED RUN.

My name is Eric Smith (, a child of the 70s and 80s. After 20 years in the art biz, I have channeled my influences and interests into creating Vulkira, my initial designer vinyl toy concept.

Although it is only 8" tall, it is inspired by my favorite giant Japanese robots.

Original Vulkira concept sketchOriginal Vulkira concept sketch
Finished 3D prototype.Finished 3D prototype.

I'm very happy and excited that Vulkira™ will be produced by Unbox Industries. If all goes well with this project, I am hoping to produce a 24" vintage jumbo style Vulkira in the future. So your help counts no matter the amount you pledge! But let me not get ahead of myself. 

Limited to 300 pieces with a Shogun Warriors colorway, Vulkira will stand 8" and will have 3 points of articulation as well as removable fists and drill and missile launcher attachments.

Your contribution to this project will be for a myriad of expenses attached to producing this figure.

Spec sheet for sculptor(s)Spec sheet for sculptor(s)

Production costs include producing a wax master, unique tools, mold masters and Shogun Warriors colorway paint apps. 

Other costs associated with this project are shipping from Chinese manufacturer, shipping finished toys to donors, shipping materials, polypags and header cards. Header cards will be designed, hand-screen printed by me (Eric Smith), hand-cut and hand-assembled. Also, all costs associated with producing all other reward tier items are taken into account. I have rolled cost of shipping materials into the shipping cost.

Estimated delivery dates are based on the time it will take Unbox Industries to produce and ship the 300 pieces to me. I got an approximation of 80-90 days for production from Unbox Industries. Then there's their shipping time to me, my time to packaging toys into polybags and header cards, packing rewards in to shipping boxes and then shipping out to pledgers. It may not take until March, but I would rather everyone receive rewards sooner than later than the date.

I am also bringing some of my wonderfully talented, renowned artist friends into this project. Higher reward tiers will include original art work from Jeff LammJason Goad,Steve "Chanks" Ciancanelli, Darryl BanksFrankie B Washington, and Adam Saul.

Here are a samples to whet your appetite:

In-progress sketch by Steven Ciancanelli for his reward tier.In-progress sketch by Steven Ciancanelli for his reward tier.
Jason Goad's reward tier piece.Jason Goad's reward tier piece.
in-progress sketch cards by Frankie B Washington!!in-progress sketch cards by Frankie B Washington!!

I will maximize your every dollar put into this project to bring you the best possible purchasing experience.

Remember, the success of this project is now up to YOU as much as me, so help get the word out by telling your friends on and off social media, message boards, etc.

IMPORTANT: Vulkira is NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN. This is an adult collector toy and for adults ONLY.

Thank you!

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter


There are always challenges when producing any product and it's possible that there may be unforeseen delays in production, but with 18+ years of experience in commercial art with a focus on production, project managment and overseas product manufacturing and delivery, I am confident any obstacle can be overcome. 
I have padded delivery dates to hopefully accommodate any delays

You have my word that I will deliver quality products in the timeliest of fashions. I will communicate with all donors and give updates regularly, addressing any issues should they arise.

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Posted 27 August, 2014 - 10:11 by VF5SS