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Skull Knight & Beherit - 2016 Version

ART OF WAR latest Berserk Figure "Skull Knight & Beherit- 2016" released on August 9th. The design is from one of the most famous monochrome illustrations: the symbolic Skull Knight head with Beherit and Rose crown. In Berserk comic volume 9, Skull Knight appeared in the dark forest for the first time, to give Guts a prophecy of the Eclipse.

We molded the skull head based on a real one, not a copy from the picture because AOW always pursue the “reality” for every product. The crack lines on the skull are painted by brush carefully and very painted in a real skeleton. This time, we tried to paint the item bringing the real image of Skull Knight. The dusty painting repainting is done by using many painting techniques by our skillful artisans. The more effort and time has been spent in painting the item carefully. This time, we have added the attached the antique gold color frame as an option for this product where our customers are able to display this product easily.

Skull Knight & Beherit- 2016 Version (with or without frame)…….Approx. $440~$567

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Posted 9 August, 2016 - 14:17 by JoshB
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