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Hi, there! I'm a graphic artist and I've been collecting almost anything I could lay my hands on ever since I was 3! My House is exploding with toys, comics, dvds and various memorabilia of the weirdest kind. As for the toys, I currently collect almost exclusively Bandai SOC, but still do have lots od Popy, Diaclones and Micronauts from my childhood days. I don't buy vintage for the time being, mainly for economic reasons, since here in Italy sellers are ridicolously greedy and every sucker who finds two bits of plastic in the cellar thinks he can sell it for the price of a Jumbo Garada K7. Well, that's it I guess, thanks for reading.

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i'm italian mazinger collector!

in that period i prefere to collect knoff off mazinger robots from all over the world to grow up my freak of us!one of us!

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I have started to collection vintage toys from 2003 with my best friends (CICCIO) introducing by another great friend and incredible collectors (CINOBARA), but i love japanese robot since i was a child and i hope to increase My collection in the future with other fantastic toys...