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I own Kenner Star Wars Mini Action Figures, Mego 8 inch WGSH, Mego 8 inch Star Trek, and Mattel Collector's Shogun Warriors.

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I grew up watch Force Five, Starblazers, and Robotech. My favorite store was Mr. Big Toyland at 399 Moody St. in Waltham.

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I collect mainly Jumbo Shoguns, but I have recently branched out into model kits, autographed comics, and die casts.

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I started collecting when i was about 17 years of age(I think). Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3, made by Medicom was one of my first collectables. When I first got the Snake figure, I went f-ing crazy. Thats when I knew I wanted to buy more figures,models and statues. Let the BUYING BEGIN!!!!!
Oh Yeah!! I have a S@#$ ton of ANIME!!!!

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I build gunpla mostly. I do have some transformers here and there, and will pick one up if I like the design.

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Been a collector for several years of my life. Pretty late to the CollectionDX scene, but I will soon upload and share my collection with the rest of the world. Be sure to check my reviews that I will share here as well.

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I collect various things, but I go absolutely gaga over Transformers! It all started with a Generation 2 Grimlock figure, then it just ballooned from there.

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Various toy lines, Anime action figures. You name it, I might have it, or something related to iit

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I mainly focus on movie tie-in action figures and vehicles; the more accurate, the better. Antiques aside, a toy should be opened and played with, not kept mint-in-box for speculation.

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Ive been collecting since 1984 I have a wide range of likes as far as robot toys go, Ive got transformers, power rangers, Gundam, super robots of all kinds, lots of mechs from japanese anime, I even have some robots that are from mcfarlan toys. my first toys were the gobots when they came out i thought they were nice and different, then came the transformers and i was hooked, my second bedroom is wall to wall toys at last count there were over 1400 pieces, my collection doesn't have alot of the really exspensive toys mainly because ive always been on somewhat of a budget, but there are a few.