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A G1 Transformers and pre-Transformers nut. That includes Diaclone, Diakron, Microchange, GiG Transformers, Takatoku, and its other kissing cousins. Not a completist with a super rare collection (although I do have a few special pieces), but I've amassed a nice collection of my favorites.

Love the classics: Popy/Bandai chogokins and Macross/Robotech. Voltrons, Giant Robo, Mazinger, Getta Robo, Gaiking, and any Valk make my day.

Pretty much your average 80s RoboFreak.
Formerly an anime DVD editor moved on to web.

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Toys that I'm interested with are Robot Figures that falls within my childhood days which is the 70s. I am a die hard fanatic of Voltes V, Daimos , Raideen , Combattler V , Dangard Ace, Grandizer , Getta Robots , Mazinger , Mekanda and lots more of Robot Figures.

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First toy I ever remember drooling over was the Great Mazinger Shogun Warrior when I was 4 years old, been going strong ever since. I'm most interested in 1980's - 1990's transforming or combining toys from Bandai / Takara mainly: I love the Godaikin series of course, and I went Brave crazy about 7 years ago and spent waaay too much money tracking down every Brave robot I could find. These days I'm more limited to keeping up with Bandai's newest Sentai toys.

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hi I have been collecting pwer ranger mega zord sense 1993

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I got teased a lot in school and since cutting myself didn't seem to help I tried collecting obscure Japanese robots. It seemed like a good idea until I saw the VOLTES V JM and how much it goes for. I'm rethinking the cutting thing again.

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Worked for Parker brothers / Hasbro for 17 years, and now I create new ideas and toy technology among other things for my business,TC Design Works. Work with toy partner Matt from time to time in creating a line of master action figures for production in the orient. A number of prototypes in the past have sold at trade shows that were hand cast in color in urethane and painted. Rechlen, Aves, Crayboths, Pheyden, Exellis, and many others were sold at the trade shows. Now working on other cool action figures for Matt, and other customers that want their own figure.

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I work in the animation industry and like toys! Microman, Micronauts, Henshin Cyborg, Chogokin, Revoltech, Also building mecha out of lego.

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ive been a hulk fan since i was 9 yrs old i have over 400 items toys + more ive loved godzilla 2 + the shogun warriros,then came 1989 and the simpsons ive loved them every since then i have toys + more oh yea ive always liked the puniher 300 my all timwe favorite movie + the figures if u like to contact me im at ty tim slitor

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I collect mostly Super Sentai stuff, though I have been getting into Soul of Chogokin lately too. Grew up on Transformers, Battle of the Planets, Gigantor, and Voltron, so a lot of my love for robots and people in wacky costumes comes from there.

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As a kid growing up in the 70's, Ultraman and Goldar were the coolest things on tv for me. Of course, they had no toys for them here in Philly, so i grew up like a good boy should. But then in 1985, at the age of first Ultraman toy! It was Bandai's Ultra Hero collection Ultraman. It was awesome....since then, I have managed to get my hands on some really cool Ultra stuff. Who knew there was a whole Ultra family!? Anyway, I also collect Guyver, Marvel, Godzilla..etc. I also build and paint models, kit bash like crazy and of course turn every 1/6 th scale doll into some weird creature..

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I collect mostly Diecast and Vinyl Japan Robots and Figures........The bigger the toy, the better.