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SDCC08: Yamato USA


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The GNU Dancouga looks very interesting, as well as that GoShogun. I recently bought (and am currently waiting for) the CM's Brave Gokin GoShogun and I may buy this one to keep it company.

And of course I like the girly figures, but knowing my family, they would most likely look down on me for buying any.

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Posted by Gareth Infinity on 31 July, 2008 - 09:52
Awsome! Revoltech

Awsome! Revoltech kenshiro!
No pics of revoltech ryu?

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Posted by saga_gx on 31 July, 2008 - 11:18
Danguard is awesome!

I must stress this for those who have not seen Danguard in person. Man! Danguard is huge (about 13" tall) and full of diecast goodness! I bet it will tip the scales at alomost 2 lbs.


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Posted by Shogundan on 31 July, 2008 - 18:28

If the new Danguard can leave a footprint in a cinderblock then I'm game.

I'm looking at the GoShogun for the same reason as Gareth Infinity. I might get Sasuraiger as well, if I'm not already broke by then. :)

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Posted by ZA on 30 September, 2008 - 00:19