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The Black Hole

The Black Hole is a 1979 science fiction movie directed for Walt Disney Productions by Gary Nelson. It stars Maximilian Schell, Robert Forster, Joseph Bottoms, Yvette Mimieux, Anthony Perkins, and Ernest Borgnine. The voices of the main robot characters in the film are provided by Roddy McDowall and Slim Pickens. The music for the movie was composed by John Barry. The plot was derived from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Alan Dean Foster novelized the screenplay.

Apparently Disney's answer to Star
(though work on the film was already underway as early as 1975),
at $20 million it was the most expensive picture produced by the company
to date and the first to be given a PG rating,
which caused a minor controversy. It was not well received by critics,
although the special effects and matte work were praised. The movie earned
$25 million at the U.S. box office, making it the 13th highest grossing
film of the year. The film was nominated for cinematography and visual
effects Academy

This first PG-rated Disney film led the company towards experimenting with
more adult-oriented films, which would eventually lead to the creation of its Touchstone
Pictures arm to handle films considered too mature in nature to carry the
Walt Disney label.

The Black Hole has a small cult following,
and it has been released several times in VHS and DVD. (Wikipedia)

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