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Chogokin (超合金) is Japanese for "Super Alloy" and is a fictitious material first appeared in Go Nagai's Mazinger Z comic. It was later adopted by the Popy toy company in early 1970s as a new line of die-casted metal robot and character toys sold in Japan. While Bandai, the parent company of Popy toy owns the trademark to the brand, the term is generally used to describe any Japanese diecast robot toy made from zinc alloy.

Chogokin toys were generally produced in ST and or DX sizes. ST meaning standard and usually in the range of 5" tall. The DX versions were deluxe and usually much larger. In addition to the larger size, the DX versions usually came with more features such as separating parts and more complex weaponry, usually with launching projectiles. (Wikipedia)

Popy began the Chogokin series by giving each toy a unique number, such as GA-01. This practice continues today with all of Bandai's Chogokin lines such as Super Imaginative Chogokin and Soul of Chogokin

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No. Toy namesort icon Year
Aegis 2011
GC-03 Albegas 1983
D-01 Bacchus III 1983
GB-03 Battle Fever 1979
Be@rbrick chogokin 2009
GC-23 Bismarck 1984
GC-22 Bismarck DX 1985
GD-11B Black Gingaioh 1998
GD-12 Bulltaurus 1998
GD-19 Burn! Robocon 1999
Charming Drossel 2012
Chogokin Hello Kitty 2014
GD-04,GD-05,GD-06,GD-07,GD-08 Chogokin Megaranger 1997
GA-54 Combattler V 1976
GB-14 Daidenjin 1980
GB-15 Daidenjin 1980
GA-85 Daimos 1984
GB-73 Dairugger XV 1982
GD-17 Daitetsujin 17 1999
GB-01, GB-02, PB-81 Daltanias 1979
GA-79 Danguard Ace 1977
GB-04 Doraemon 2006
Drossel 2010
GD-15B DX Black Max Victory Robo 1999
GC-27 DX Change Robo 1985
GC-27 DX Fiverobo 1990
GB-63 EvaPolice
GA-01 GA-01 Mazinger Z 1999
GA-51 Gaiking 1976
GE-10 Gaiking 2006
Galia 4 Fold Set 2009
GE-09 Gamera 2006
GA-02 Getter 1 1974
Ghost & Weapons Set 2009
GD-14 Giga Phoenix 1998
GD-76 Gigan 2005
GD-11 Gingaioh 1998
GB-17 God Sigma 1980
GB-18, GB-19, GB-20 God Sigma 1984
GB-87 Godmars 1982
GB-37 Gold Lightan 2007
GB-35 Golion 1983
GD-49 Gourai-Senpuujin 2003
GA-48 Granzel 1976
Hoi Hoi-San 2011
Jibanyan 2015
GD-10 Kabutack 1997
GD-28 Kado Senshi RGM-79 GM 1999
GD-16 Kado Senshi RX-78 Gundam 1999
GD-78 Kamen Rider Gai 2005
GD-77 Kamen Rider Ouja 2005
GA-94 King Joe 1978
Kingrobot Mickey 2013
GC-17, GC-17B Laserion DX 1984
D-02 Liabe 1983
GA-07 Mach Baron 1975
GE-48 Macross Quarter 2009
GE-66 Macross YF-30 Chronos 2014
GD-68 Masker Rider Chalice 2004
GA-01 Mazinger Z 2000
GD-98 Mechagodzilla 2006
GD-45 Mechagodzilla 2003 2002
GD-09 Mega Silver 1997
My Melody 2016
GE-46 Phone Braver 7 2009
GB-64 Postoler 1982
RAcaseal 2012
RAcaseal Ver. Black 2013
GA-09 Raideen 1975
GA-09 Raideen (Super Metal Black) 1978
Rathalos (Liolaeus) 2015
Roboborg 1997
GA-14R Robocon 1999
Robonyan 2015
GB-62 Robot Hacchan 1981
GE-45 RVF-25 Luca Messiah Custom 2009
GA-100 RX-78 Gundam 1998
GB-25 Saizance 1980
GC-06 Sharivan 1983
GA-47 Skyzel 1976
GD-95 Space Sheriff Sharivan 2006
D-03 Spider Machine GP-7 1983
Sv-262Hs Draken Keith Aero Windermere Use 2017
Tower of the Sun Robo 2014
D-04 Triper 75S 1983
GE-51S VB-6 Konig Monster SP Ver. 2010
VF-1 Missile Set 2019
GE-56 VF-171EX 2012
GE-69 VF-19 Advance 2015
VF-1J Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijo use) 2018
VF-1S Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijo use) 2019
GE-42C VF-25 Messiah Fold Clear Ver. 2009
VF-25 Messiah Valkyrie Worldwide Anniversary 2022
GE-62 VF-25A Messiah Valkyrie 2013
GE-42 VF-25F Alto Custom 2009
GE-44 VF-25G Michael Custom 2009
GE-47 VF-25S Armored Messiah Ozma Custom 2009
GE-54 VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Ozma Custom Renewal Version 2011
GE-43 VF-25S Ozma 2008
VF-25S Valkyrie Ozma Super Parts Renewal 2012
GE-49 VF-27 Lucifer Brera Sterne Custom 2010
GE-49B VF-27B 2010
GE-72 VF-27β Lucifer Valkyrie New Head Plus (General Use / Grace Use) 2015
VF-31J Siegfried Hayate Immelmann Use 2016
VF171EX Armored Parts 2012
GA-80 Voltes V 1977
GE-53 YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie 2011
GE-64 YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie Ozma Lee Custom 2014

NYTF2012: Tamashii Nations: Chogokin

We got the scoop on Tamashii Nations Chogokin line from Bandai / BlueFin.

Updated with HD video.

2019-05-14 15:53
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