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Title Publish datesort icon
1/35th Scale ASS-117A Valken Booster Unit from Assault Suit Valken 04.13.23
Combat Armors MAX Soltic H8-RF Roundfacer Korchima Special 01.25.23
R3 L-Gaim Mk. II Heavy Metal Coating Version 09.02.22
Principality of Gallia Experimental Tank Edelweiss from Valkyria Chronicles 09.02.22
1/35 scale Votoms Scopedog Turbo Custom The Last Red Shoulder PS Version 06.02.16
S.R.D-S Super Robot Wars OG Neo Granzon 05.17.16
Modeling Support Goods Gigantic Arms Movable Crawler 05.10.16
Modeling Support Goods Gigantic Arms Blitz Gunner 05.10.16
Modeling Support Goods Gigantic Arms Powered Guardian 05.10.16
Active Raid Strike Interceptor Model Kit 05.09.16
Macross Delta 1/72nd scale VF-31S Siegfried Arad Moelders Type model kit 05.09.16
COMBAT ARMORS MAX07 Soltic H102 Bushman 04.25.16
1/4000 scale Macross: Do You Remember Love? SDF-1 Storm Attacker 04.12.16
Macross Delta VF-31J Hayate Immelmann type 1/72 scale model kit 03.28.16
Plamax Cherno Alpha from Pacific Rim 03.28.16
Formula model kit from Xenoblade Chronicles X 03.08.16
Chibimaru Type 66 Maser Cannon 02.29.16
Mazinkaiser Non-scale Plastic Model Kit 02.23.16
Hasegawa 1/72 scale VF-1D Valkyrie Gerwalk Mode 02.17.16
Macross Frontier 1/72 scale VF-25G Super Messiah Valkyrie 01.12.16
D-Style Gaine from Brave Express Might Gaine 01.04.16
Tsume Robot with Casshan Mini Figure 12.17.15
Non-scale Type-00F Takemikazuchi ver 1.5 Yui Takamura Type from Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse 12.17.15
COMBAT ARMORS MAX 1/72nd Scale Bromley JRS Native Dancer Commander Type & Missile Pod Type 11.27.15
1/35 Scale Blue Knight Berserga Super Execution from Armored Trooper VOTOMS 11.23.15
Walker Machine Brockary 1/100 scale resin kit from Xabungle 11.16.15
Thunderbirds Are Go! Real Kit Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4 11.12.15
Thunderbirds Are Go Real Kit Motorized The Mole 11.10.15
1/72 scale VF-25F/S Super Messiah from Macross Frontier 11.03.15
PLAMAX SG-02 Machine Caliber X3752 Striker from Suisei no Gargantia 10.22.15
1/100 YZR-8000H/Gamma Type R Myzr Eta, Gamma from Virtual On 10.07.15
Non-scale MiG-21PF Balalaika Irisdina Bernhard use from Muv-Luv Schwarzesmarken 10.06.15
Non-scale MiG-23 Cheburashka Beatrix Brehmer use from Muv-Luv Schwarzesmarken 10.06.15
PLAMAX RT-01 Frontier Setter from Expelled from Paradise 10.01.15
Danboard [mini] KOW YOKOYAMA Ver. 09.29.15
EF-2000 Typhoon Sieglinde von Fahrenhorst use from Muv-Luv Alternative Duty ‐Lost Arcadia- 09.28.15
PLAMAX TK-02 Black Knight X from Tenkai Knights 09.16.15
PLAMAX SG-01 Machine Caliber K6821 Chamber from Gargantia 09.06.15
Scopedog Turbo Custom The Last Red Shoulder Edition 4 Piece Set 09.02.15
1/48 scale Thunderbird 4 Model Kit 08.27.15
Macross Frontier 1/72nd scale VF-25F/S Super Messiah Valkyrie Model Kit 08.25.15
Kotobukiya KG-6 Sleipnir Model Kit from Aldnoah Zero updated 08.05.15
High Grade Gundam Barbatos from Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans updated 07.24.15
Diving Beetle 1/24 scale Construction kit from Armored Trooper Votoms 07.13.15
Strike Dog 1/24 scale Construction kit from Armored Trooper Votoms 07.13.15
Frame Arms Type 482 Kagutsuchi Close Combat version 07.09.15
Frame Arms Type 482 Kagutsuchi Otsu Sniper ver. 07.09.15
Type 17 Tsugumori Custom 2 Model kit from Knights of Sidonia 06.25.15
Arcadia model kit from Captain Harlock : Dimensional Voyage 06.11.15
PLAMAX Series 1/48 Machine Caliber K6821 Chamber 06.09.15

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