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The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man

Review by NekroDave

The Wolf Man would mark a slight change in the style of the ESCO monster statues. Gone would be the more intricate bases that the first three releases had, replaced by a more generic disc shape. Future releases would further refine this look with a more slanted top.

The Wolf Man, and all the monsters ESCO made from here on, would be made in much smaller number than the first three characters and are much harder to come by today. Another example of a vintage super deformed design, the Wolf Man statue is highlighted by a fantastic, ferocious looking facial sculpt.

The back of the base is marked "©1978 ESCO PROD."

At about 17.5" tall, this is also one of the taller ESCO monsters.

Posted 29 December, 2012 - 16:12 by NekroDave
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