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Robeast Scorpious

Review by JoshB

Robeast Scorpious may be one of the worst action figures ever made.

He's from Panosh Place's Voltron line of toys. You know them, the company who made the OTHER Voltron toys. Matchbox had the license to use Popy's chogokin toys (Golion, Abega and Dairugger), and the rest went to a couple of companies that had no idea about what they were doing at the time. At least LJN came out with some cool toys, such as the Commander Voltron (adapted from the Japanese Golion Jumbo machine). Panosh Place pretty much destroyed the property.

Ok, picture this. It's 1984. You're way into Voltron, it is your favorite show. So for your birthday, you ask for a Voltron toy.

You get the plastic Panosh Place Voltron. The one with the opening cockpits and horrible proportions.

Ok, you can deal with that. But on the show, Voltron fights Robeasts. These giant monsters put up a decent fight but never seem to be able to withstand the wrath of the Blazing Sword. You would think that after the third or fourth robeast gets cut in half they would try a different tactic.

So you ask for a robeast. for Christmas.

And you get this. THIS IS VOLTRON'S ENEMY.

Robeast Scorpious


Let's ignore the fact that it looks like it was made in one of those places that let you paint clay pots and pick them up later in the day. The Panosh Place Voltron was like 14 inches tall, and this guy is like 3 INCHES TALL.

Robeast Scorpious


So the robeasts came with accessories, which I conveniently have lost for this review. Mutilator's weapon was a yellow mace. The sculpt is terrible, the material is terrible and the paint is terrible. There is just nothing to like about this thing at all.

Robeast Scorpious

Imagine all the kids that were disappointed when they got this under the tree in the 80s.


How about the commercial for the entire Panosh Place Voltron line.

Posted 3 July, 2008 - 14:22 by JoshB