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Blaster (Green)


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I got this green guy in that

I got this green guy in that big lot of old toys I got last fall and he's the only Gobot I have displayed in vehicle mode because everything is too loose for it to stand up. I still dig it though since I think i had it when I was a kid.

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Posted by NekroDave on 11 August, 2016 - 13:27

Cool. I didn't realize my orange one was a first version. I never even saw the green deco. I still have him along with 4 or 5 other originals that have survived all these years. Definitely a fun vehicle mode.

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Posted by japester on 11 August, 2016 - 14:43

This guy's pretty cool! I have one, but it's totally broken.

Yours is in really good shape

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Posted by quinncat on 11 August, 2016 - 17:42