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My biggest problem with Hound...

I own an original Japanese "Binaltech" BT-04 Hound. Aside from the die-cast metal in the original version, both the BT and the Alternators line toy are identical in every other way.
My biggest problem with Hound are his joints.
Bending his shoulders forward- one of the most basic functions of ANY toy robot out there!- is surprisingly limited; they bend inwards at only 45 degrees, and cannot swing outwards away from the body- like MOST of the BT and Alternators do. (Jumping jacks, anyone? Not this guy!)
While his wrists have pretty good movement, his elbows can't swivel side-to-side.
His hips suffer from a simmilar ailment even though they are on ball/socket joints! And because of the limits of his hips, the tightly-snapping joints at his ankles do not compensate correctly.
These are joint issues that aren't a problem with most of the others in the "Binaltech"/"Alternators" line. I liked the look of Hound 'n all. But these joints kinda killed it- which was part of the appeal ot these realistic-looking Transformers.

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 20 October, 2006 - 19:26