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Akumaizer 3


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Love the review, Atom

I never really considered these toys, but they're actually kinda neat-looking. Not normally my thing, but I love the shots of them taking on Gore Sky Deviler! Fun stuff!


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Posted by Sanjeev on 19 March, 2008 - 09:52

Yeah, these are nicer than I would have thought. I never collected this line, but I was always under the impression that there was practically zero articulation, in addition to next to no metal. Also, isn't the line called "Super Imaginative Chogokin", not "Soul of..."?

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Posted by NekroDave on 20 March, 2008 - 14:16
I've always heard it was

I've always heard it was Super Imaginative Chogokin. Soul of is usually referring to the "soul" of an old toy line being revised in a new way (Soul of Popynica, Sofubi, Chogokin, etc).

These were taking an old property and going crazy with it, hence the "Imaginative" name. Basically like what Fewture does with Go Nagai stuff and did with Guyver.

The early stuff was very McFarlane-like (inspired by some say). Almost no articulation and some accessories that you basically laid around the figure. They looked great, but it was essentially a statue. Recently they finally added more articulation and now they're action figures, expensive action figures.

I was always interested if they would go into the sentai shows and make some SIC Go-Rangers. They've done Kamen Rider and tons of Kikaida stuff, but they've been dancing around the sentai for some reason.

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Posted by duke togo on 20 March, 2008 - 14:47
mmmmm......SIC Gorangers.

mmmmm......SIC Gorangers. Now, that would really be nice. They are actually called Star Rangers here in the Philippines (had a huge following in their tv series which ran sometime 1978-1979).

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Posted by deltagrail on 22 June, 2008 - 09:08