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Asuka-MPL96 Taisyo (TV Version)


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Price vs product

I like them but the price just doesn't outweigh the product for me.

The fact that the upcoming Zero is all ABS (at the same price as these) means that possibly the lesser labors will see an affordable upgrade to ambulatory status.

These are very limited in appeal, and only the most die-hard completionists will get all these. If you don't mind altering them and are a little hobby handy, the path to limited movement is there. Even the TBDX dude broke down and altered his, forsaking all that is holy and MISB.

I did get the Tyrant, but that was sight unseen, and it's easily the most best looking of the Conlabor aggressors.

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Posted by duke togo on 18 January, 2008 - 19:12