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Samurai Megazord

Samurai Megazord

Review by JoshB

A Retrofire Megazord in everything but a name, the Samurai Megazord is a super-poseable version of the larger deluxe Megazord.

The package is a half cylinder sealed in with lots of tape.

The Samurai Megazord is an odd enough design in it's normal proportions, but here it is just plain weird. I know they tried to make this more dynamic than it's deluxe counterpart, but I think it's a little too extreme.

A Samurai sword and shield are included. The sword-holding hand is molded in an angled position, making posing without the sword look odd.

The other hand is equally awkward.

It is rather dynamic looking though.

If you are looking for a stylized version of the Samurai Megazord, look no further.

Posted 20 November, 2014 - 20:17 by JoshB
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