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Athena God Cloth


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Did you have a problem with

Did you have a problem with the round beige piece not snapping into the shield? There is a little too much plastic on mine and it does not fit into the shield, I actually am gonna take it in to the local hobby shop and see if they can trip the plastic down a bit so it fits.

And I noticed you didn't mention the extra set of boobs she comes with, that serve absolutely no purpose other than to give the base figure bigger boobs.

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Posted by RobertG22 on 21 March, 2014 - 17:49
Nope, I did not have any

Nope, I did not have any issues with the beige piece connecting to the shield.

I just added a couple sentences about the boobs. Guess that is s what happens when I do not photograph a feature of the toy; I ended up forgetting about the extra boobs.

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Posted by SentaiSeiya on 21 March, 2014 - 18:55
Lucky. I just tried on my own

Lucky. I just tried on my own to shave it down. I didn't make much headway, so I just taped the damn thing in place so I could finally have Athena holding her shield.

Some more info for you: The Object was designed by Kurumada and was seen in the manga books. Each of the physical books, if you did not notice/own them, has the designs of a few armors along with their Object forms, and how pieces from one fit on the other. They sadly are not colored though. The two different toppers for the Nike Staff are from the anime and manga, the manga one being much more detailed.

Lastly, for those who don't own the special Saori Kido figure that comes with the throne, there is a third-party seller on eBay who is now making and selling a dress for the Athena body, so she has more obviously clothes. Think it also comes with an extra staff and new molds of the accessories she wore early in the manga to fit on the new figure.

OH. Not sure if you heard, Viz is finally releasing the full manga as eBooks! Perfect for anyone who wants the manga and can't afford the physical copies(Most volumes still sell at the ERSP, but certain volumes are stupidly overpriced for an unknown reason, Vol 10 usually sells for $200). Think they have released up to Volume 18 so far. That combined with the game released in Nov here as well, and the first ever official subs of the Sanctuary arc being released in the US and Canada next month, I think 2014 could be a great year for the franchise.

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Posted by RobertG22 on 21 March, 2014 - 19:24
Thank for the info! I have

Thank for the info!

I have not picked up the last part of the Hades Chapter manga, so I was not did not know about he object Mode's design being from that. I love those sections at the end where Kurumada draws the Cloth's and shows how they transform between the two modes.

It is pretty cool how the third parties are picking up Bandai's slack with the Saint Cloth Myth figures. Too bad a lot of this stuff is pricey. I wanted to buy the small diecast shields for the EX Libra, but there is no way I am paying $24 for something like that.

It is pretty cool that Viz is releasing the digital versions of the Saint Seiya manga. I had to hunt down some used copies on eBay just so I could get the first 18 volumes. I just hope Viz fixes the issues with the originals. It bugged me that they changed a few of the names, like Saori and Deathmask. There were also a few errors that were not caught before it printed.

In one of the volumes Phoenix Ikki tells another character, " I will batter you". I am pretty sure that was supposed to be battle.

Have you picked up Brave Soldiers?

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Posted by SentaiSeiya on 22 March, 2014 - 06:54
No, as I don't care for

No, as I don't care for straight fighting-games, apart from the occasional Mortal Kombat game. I haven't bought of any of the electronic versions, but I think a forum said they are the same as the physical books, meaning they are still using the names from the old English dub of the anime.

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Posted by RobertG22 on 23 March, 2014 - 00:03
I think the only difference

I think the only difference is that with the physical copy you get a DLC you code for Aries Shion in his Gold Cloth. The game got slammed in the reviews, which is why I have not picked it up.

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Posted by SentaiSeiya on 25 March, 2014 - 20:56