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30 Inch Superman


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I looked this up because I bought the 31" (ears count?) dark knight figure. The Dark knight rises version has tons of detail, you can see every stitch and zipper tooth. It feels very much like a cg scan of the real deal was involved since the proportions and detail is so crisp. Speaking of proportions the dkr is rendered in a very particular static pose that indicates great weight in the gauntlets. This makes it work fine for fans of arkham city as well. I really like the dkr 31" and was hoping to find more figures like it. This superman looks to be lacking in detail and the physique looks a little derp. The colors are even wrong according to the box. I might just hope there is a man of steel 30" coming this year.

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Posted by openchallenge on 6 January, 2013 - 21:53