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J. Fighter Mercury


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The design looks like

The design looks like something that'd be a cool shooter game.

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Posted by VZMK2 on 20 November, 2014 - 20:53
i've heard tales of kids on

i've heard tales of kids on commercial airlines getting gifts when boarding a plane. This was apparently also a thing in Japan, and my assumption is that is where this item came from

Another option is perhaps that it was a special/limited edition toy that could only be bought on board a Japan Airlines flight. I know Lego sells special sets that you can only buy on certain flights (or at least they did as recently as 2011); I have one of them myself.

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Posted by MR-05 on 20 November, 2014 - 21:12
And now there's ANA

...and now there's ANA selling custom chrome blue plated Gunpla...!!!

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Posted by Rob on 20 November, 2014 - 21:51
Aside from the Zeta Gundam

Aside from the Zeta Gundam touch of the nose/cockpit becoming the chest, the sideways feet in flight mode are reminiscent of the Bawoo from Gundam ZZ, and the number on the shoulder is in that 80s style of "computery" typeface that's also used for the unit numbers in Gundam Sentinel.

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Posted by recognizer on 20 November, 2014 - 22:28