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The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

Review by NekroDave

One of the most popular, and also my personal favorite, of the ESCO monster statues is the Invisible Man. There is not a whole lot of Invisible Man collectibles out there and even fewer vintage ones, but something about the sculpt of this statue makes it stand out from the pack, in my opinion.

Maybe it is because it's the only statue in the line that doesn't actually have a face. It certainly lends a certain uniqueness and mystique to the figure.

It's also one of the bigger ones in the set at about 17.75" tall.

The back of the base is marked "©1981 ESCO PRODUCTS, INC" and also features a strange symbol that looks like it might be meant to show an "AB". I'm not 100% sure what this is, although I have seen it on at least one other ESCO statue. Perhaps it is the initial of the person who sculpted this statue, but I can only speculate.

Posted 29 December, 2012 - 20:52 by NekroDave
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