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HG Godzilla 2014


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Can you please add in the

Can you please add in the missing image (#9) under the Paperwork section. It's of the toy brochure's front. Thanks!


As with any capsule toy these days, a mini-brochure is included, detailing the assortment's figures in beautiful high quality colored pictures. Here we see one side, showcasing the 4 figures in this assortment.


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Posted by netkid on 20 October, 2014 - 21:25
Great review, very thorough

Great review, very thorough and informative. Love the pics at the end!

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Posted by Gazbot on 20 October, 2014 - 22:29
Thanks! I shot those in

Thanks! I shot those in complete darkness with a color-changing pumpkin light suspended overhead. It was a real pain timing the iPhone's shutter right because once the light changed into that deep beautiful red, the focus would go crazy. Michael Bay was right, cameras don't like red.

The goal of these pics was to just mess around and see what scenes I could recreate. I ended up busting out my old military micro machines for a couple shots as prop pieces. Eventually the shots snowballed into a mini retelling the film itself and the battles. There's even a little air tower control for the Hawaii battle and a nuke the Mutos steal from the army.

Since I kept taking these shots over and over to capture the color-changing light at the right color, most of these are the results of happy accidents. This includes shots like the out of focus atomic breath impact shots and the shot of Godzilla's shadow as he arrives to face the Mutos. My favorite pics are the atomic breath photos and the pic of the tanks lined up to fire on FemMuto, her body emerging from the deep red background as if it were a thick fog.

If you want to see higher res versions of those shots, they are available on my Flickr:

This was my first review so I wanted to be very thorough and cover everything one could possible ask about. In the mess of it all, I forgot to tell just how tall these things are. :P I am trying to make my next reviews more streamlined. I have more large reviews planned, which cover entire waves or assortments of toys only because from these lines, the figures in each assortment interact/combine with one another and have to be reviewed all in one shot for it all to make sense. Luckily, I have smaller reviews as well in the pipeline.

Also, if you really want to get lost in awesome toy photos, I suggest checking out Ed Speir IV on Flickr:

He can make even the crappiest of toys look amazing.

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Posted by netkid on 21 October, 2014 - 00:34