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Oh lawd

The amount of nostalgia I'm feelin' right now. Thank you.

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Posted by stubbietubbie on 19 September, 2014 - 01:25
Bought this one up as soon as

Bought this one up as soon as I saw him! Always loved the original, but I was young when I got him, so it's pretty trashed. The bubble broke off (I held it on with a rubber band) and the tiny pegs that hold the arms on were easily broken (though I only managed to break one). I LOVE that the new pegs are thicker! It's great that they decided to improve him rather than leave him exactly the same.

The figure really stands the test of time, and I like 'em just as much now as I did then.

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Posted by Alexx on 19 September, 2014 - 08:41