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Lady Maxx (Hot Pink version)

Lady Maxx (Hot Pink version)
Lady Maxx (Hot Pink version)
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$ 18.00
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Review by starro

card front

Character Info. Happy 2011!! I’m back from the holidays and charged up with a bunch of new girl statues for all of you to enjoy! I begin with an unusual departure-Lady Maxx a soft vinyl figure produced by Max Toy Co. in San Francisco, CA.

So, I don’t typically get a chance to review soft vinyl toys as part of the girl statue genre, so this is a departure from my usual subjects.
Lady Maxx is one of the new characters released by the Max Toy company owned by Mark Nagata as part of the Max Toy 5th Anniversary.

5th anniversarry

The Max Toy character universe is centered on the heroic Captain Maxx, an Ultraman-like hero who battles against his arch nemesis, Alien Xam. Lady Maxx is the big sister to Captain Maxx and according to the backstory on the card, she rescues him from the clutches of Kaiju Eyezon and Alien Argus! Lady Maxx triumphs over the dark evil using her Blade of Light to dispatch the forces of Alien Xam!

The figure stands 4 inches tall (=10.0 cm) and was cast in two pieces by Shimizu-san in Japan.


package rear

The figure was sculpted and designed by Makino-san of TTToys and cast from iron molds by Nakadai-san. You'll see how this reflects in the detail below!

Review. The Hot Pink Lady Maxx was shipped with a double-sided card with a customized header card, painted by Mark Nagata. Here's the front..

card front

and the back..

card back

At first glance, the figure has a deceptively simple appearance but closer inspection reveals that Lady Maxx is actually a pretty incredible accomplishment in vinyl sculpting.


I should also note that later Lady Maxx figures come with switchable heads that come off the body. The one I have is with helmet, the later ones show her full face.

Front. There is quite a bit of detail here, including the belt and the fine sculpting over the cleavage.

front close

Detail is such, that you can see the Maxx symbol on her belt as well as the costume seams on her costume


and underpants (at least I assume that’s a seam and not camel toe!).

lower torso

Side.Details are amazing. Check out her hands. These weren’t just some mass-produced schlock. You can actually make out the individual fingers and the pose of the hands.


rear side

The position of the hands and the overall sculpt conveys a lot of the personality on the backstory presented by the header card.

Rear. There’s a LOT of close up detail on every surface of Lady Maxx. The belt, the seams of her costume and the boots show up clearly on the figure.


rear closer

A nicely designed ass is always a winning feature on a figure like this (a nicely sculpted ass is not something you can say about Eyezon!).

rear side

More detail: You can see the studs on her belt.

belt closeup

What’s also really nice about Lady Maxx is how well-balanced she is. I’ve played with a lot of female sculpted gashapon and action figures, which usually have pretty weak support around the feet. Lady Maxx is nicely balanced and stands well on any flat surface.

Conclusion.For 18 bucks, this is a pretty amazing figure. It may not be quite fair to compare this figure with some of the mass-produced girl statues I've reviewed here-but you can't deny it has superior details than a lot of those statues. Its a unique figure that goes well either on my girl statue collection shelf OR on my soft-vinyl kaiju/Ultraman collection!

Posted 21 February, 2011 - 22:40 by starro