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Biggest turn-off for me was

Biggest turn-off for me was the multi-joint knees, which made no sense. As I said of the original, I liked the character, but I couldn't see myself getting any of the toys. (Too much bulk in the legs, not enough in the arms, maybe?)

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 3 May, 2011 - 11:47
I like it!

I actually found this version of Lockdown to be quite a bit more appealing than the Animated version. Lockdown's character is supposed to be a bounty hunter who is constantly incorporating "trophies" from his enemies into his body, so that would lend his form to be a bit asymmetrical, in theory. I especially liked how TALL he is compared to other Deluxe-class Transformers. He towers over them! And with his head design, he has a kind of Frankenstein's Monster aesthetic to him. I love how menacing he looks!

Another plus is that if you have ROTF Deluxe Ratchet, you can use Ratchet's weapon with Lockdown, in the same manner as was used in Transformers: Animated. Ratchet's cannon can plug into Lockdown's arm at the same place as Lockdown's engine block weapon.

On the flipside, I did find the floppy plastic hands and hook to be a major disappointment, as well. I almost wish that there was a Japanese release of this figure, as it would most assuredly use a harder plastic for the hand and hook.

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Posted by thesnadd on 3 May, 2011 - 16:58
Me? I dig this design. The

Me? I dig this design. The goat-legs are pretty neat looking to me and that head is pretty imposing. Definitely can see why it didn't work for you though.

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Posted by Dkun on 5 May, 2011 - 00:52
Lockdown is one of my top

Lockdown is one of my top favorite movie deluxe-class Decepticons. It's nice to have an evil car to bash with those ground-based Autobots.

Things I like: Decepticon car, Excellent light-piping, pretty tall for a deluxe-class, almost taller than Voyager-class figures, uneven body parts, making it impossible to make exact halves.

Things I dislike: The shoulders pop off pretty easily, the hand and the hook do not swivel ((I hate how it's in most of the newer toys)), and the fact that they are made of soft rubber as if the makers thought the kids were too stupid and they'd poke their eyes out with it.

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Posted by SHINOBI-03 on 5 May, 2011 - 15:45