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Review by starro

Lucy comes in Kotobukiya's standard high quality 3 color window box..

Here is the blister which comes with the accessories separated. The EctoGoggles and the positron glider gun thing are separate. There's also a very handy instruction booklet which for reasons very useful!

Here is the statue assembled in all of its glory! Basic features-no castoff and no posability. 

Lucy is about 9ish inches tall.  Here is Ray Venkman from the Mattel Ghostbusters line (about 6 inches) for scale

More view from the front ... The facial sculpt captures the perfect tone for a Ghostbusters character. Fun and upbeat.

Details on her belt and such are just awesome.  It should be noted in the "backstory" description on the box that Lucy has recently had her clothes damaged by some prior "recent spectral encounter" thus revealing her delightful abdomen.

Side and front views

Some nice close up details as we can see the Ghostbusters logo on her sleeve..

Side left

Lucy from the rear view

Ah yes... and to add to Lucy's appeal, we have a liberal amount of her pants removed and left in a way that almost perfectly shows off her nice ass curves! This was undoubtedly done by ghosts!

Various Assembly Details... 

Even without any real "cast off" Lucy does come with some minor assembly. The instructions are useful in this regard since not knowing if the head of a statue is supposed to be removeable can be an important consideration in trying to pull it off! 

The EcotoGoggles are separate on the blister (as seen above) but only go on after the head has been removed as such..

And here we have her positron glider

Note the cylindrical end on the bottom of the pic fits into a hole on her Proton Pack as seen here.  

The glider has to be carefully fitted into Lucy's hand-not because it would go off!  But because the fingers on these statues can always be delicate and after awhile may break easily. This one was still pretty soft-and so no problems. 

When completed the whole Proton Pack is GREAT looking. Detail oriented and fits well with the statue itself. 


Here we have the head and ectogoggles affixed with a nice top-down view of the figure.  Her cleavage goes along well with the other details. 


The Base and Such..

It always seems kind of weird to put so much emphasis on the display base in these statues-but seriously?  If they don't stand up or stay upright-How can you enjoy them?   

Lucy seems to be pretty solid with two pronged connectors that attach to openings on the base..

The base itself comes with a nicely imprinted Ghostbusters logo

and comes with a ghost trap ready to go! 

OVERALL.  I always enjoying reviewing Kotobukiya's statues. Sure-there's the mass production aspect but the detail and finishing touches/detail on these is always top-notch. Sculpt is excellent and conveys some nuanced character and frankly, its unusual to find many technical details wrong with the presentation. No color bleeds, no misfitted pieces or sloppily assembled sections. Some thought has gone into the base and one typically gets a stable statue with overall positive presentation. A great treat for yourself if you find yourself buying something today for Halloween!

Posted 14 February, 2011 - 12:21 by starro