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My love of toys certainly stems from my childhood. I grew up watching--among other things--Voltron, GI Joe, Transformers, Robotech, Tranzor Z, and Jim Terry's beloved Force Five. I didn't have too many toys, but I played the hell outta them! Fortunately, other kids on the block around the same age shared these loves.

I eventually "grew out of" toys...and moved on to FAR more mature pursuits: comics and anime! Fast forward to college. I ended up picking up the SoC Grendizer on my meager college budget, and it was all over from there.

Over the years, my tastes have changed quite a bit: pretty much done with comics and anime...and even most modern Japanese robot toys. Living in Massachusetts, I've been blessed with having a solid crew of vintage robot collectors around (JoshB for one!). Now, I'm more focused on vintage gokin, vintage/vintage-style vinyl kaiju (glowies only, for now), and a few odds and ends here and there (Jumbo Machinders and Super Sentai bots, for example).

Basically, the modern "collector" toy market barely interests me anymore. Sure, they can be gorgeous and virtually identical to their animated counterparts, but they tend to be delicate, floppy, and either come with WAY too many accessories to keep track of or simply be too complex to have any real fun with (most SoC's and TF Binaltechs, for example).

Don't get me wrong: "collector" toys are fine for what they are, and more power to the people who genuinely enjoy them over their vintage ancestors...but children--not adult collectors--comprise the market these vintage toys were made for. These are the toys that simply exude FUN! Their proportions and gimmicks aren't meant to be accurate...just cool! I enjoy toys that were meant to be played with by imaginative hands!

What is your all time favorite toy?
Yeesh...tough call...probably the Godaikin Tetsujin 28 (Bandai America's version of the venerable SG-01 Chokinzoku)...or perhaps one of the Popy Grendizers: either the Jumbo Machinder or the DX chogokin.


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