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My name is Carlo, I'm definitely a fan of toys even since I was a kid. I do have a variety of toy that I do collected and put in a safe room. But all those toys, is now a collection for me, it's been too long for me since the last time that I do play with it. Seriously, I bought them with my own money but I do not play with it. The thing here is that I am also busy on all working as part-time also doing some research for my dissertation. It's really a tough time for me to balance my time in school, work and inside the house. Seems like whenever I have a free time. I do end sleeping the whole day just to regain my energy. Sometimes, it's a bit frustrating that I can't do things that I want the most juts because I do need to think of what is something more important for me. I guess I just have to stick on my goal to finish school first.

What is your all time favorite toy?

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